Christina Swenson reviewed Your CBD Lady5 star

July 17 · 

Lisa is amazing just like her products! Very prompt with situations, informative, and great customer service. I'm very grateful and happy with everything I have received and will definitely be a return customer!

Your CBD Lady & Topical Salve review by a client

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Crystal A Reith reviewed Your CBD Lady5 star

February 24 · 

Lisa is very helpful and there to answer any questions you have.
The product itself has been a blessing to this family. Not only has it helped with my diabetic nerve pain, but it has drastically cut the healing time of my husband's reoccurring infection by months.
Highly recommend both Lisa and Kannaway

The Gift of Life... (why I do what I do...)


December 17, 2017 · 

One week ago today my brother was sitting in his chair in a fetal position screaming in pain. Too debilitated to stand from the pain, no words coming from his mouth-only screaming. He couldn't walk, talk and was at a stage where he had begun to refuse food. We were talking as a family about hospice.
Fast forward one week.
6 DAYS of CBD...
He woke up, yelled my name and one other word, "Jennifer! BREAKFAST!" Still needing help with everything he walks with guidance you the bathroom and after his shower and wound care again, walks to the table for "BREAKFAST!" He's been happy as hell. I have some assemblance of my brother back...
Last night before bed he said words I have never heard...
"Love you."
It's amazing!
Thank you for the gift of LIFE.


Your CBD Lady Thank you so much for sharing this Jennifer Broncosjenny Fonfara. I have tears of joy for you and your brother. I'm so honored to have been able to help. Thank you for your openness in trying CBD for him.

Jennifer Broncosjenny Fonfara Hands down the best fn decision i have EVER MADE

CBD for Pain


August 2 · 

I need to say this out loud, and I don't usually share things like this and it feels super scary and personal. But I'm going to do it anyway. 

Over the last 2 weeks I have stopped taking pain medication at night. This is huge, because I've taken pain meds at night every night for I don't know how many years (A LOT). And I have found something that has had an immediate and profound impact on my pain. I decided to say it out loud because for 1. I can hardly believe this worked for me and 2. I KNOW I have friends that can benefit from these products as well. So I'm putting myself out there and sharing.

If you know me at all, you know that the chronic pain I have due to spinal fusions and back surgeries had me hitting rock bottom over the past year. Really the last TWO years have been pretty awful, physically speaking. So 2 weeks ago I was about to contact my spinal surgeon again to see if there was anything else that he would recommend, and I ran into my friend Lisa  that morning instead. I knew she was involved in a company that sold legal CBD oil and products (I also already knew that she was giving it to her child with ADD/ADHD with spectacular results) and I asked if I could get some info and maybe try some of the products. (I'm pretty sure I sounded desperate, and in truth, I was.)

In true Lisa form, she came right over the next day with all of her products, and I used 4 of them right then and there. And then I proceeded to go to a music festival for 5 hours (which I had anxiety about and wondered how I was going to make it through the whole night) and after all was said and done, I realized NOT ONCE did I say anything or reference anything about being in pain. I didn't even think about it! And then I thought for sure I'd pay for it by not sleeping well (from pain) that night... and then THAT didn't happen either...the next day I still felt pretty GOOD. ??? It was shocking, actually. I literally couldn't believe it.

That was only 2 weeks ago. Two days ago I jumped on board with the Kannaway company, mostly so that I could order a value pack at a discounted price and try more of the products for myself. (I haven't even gotten it yet, but I'm SO excited!!) I have a LOT to learn and am just getting started, but am going to keep moving forward until I find the right combination of CBD products to successfully manage my pain. I know CBD is legal, and that none of these products are addictive. I also know the hope I feel is REAL and that my pain is way, way, way down. And when I get my additional products, perhaps it will even be.... gone? I'm at least opening myself up to this possibility. 

 Steve and I were at that music festival where I was still standing (in the rain!) at 10:00 that night. Yay, me! That was the best night I'd had in a loooong time.

There is SO MUCH MORE that CBD helps with besides pain.
xoxoxo, Kris